Bracelet made of natural stone beads according to the zodiac sign Pisces

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/Natural stone beads and their colours very carefully chosen according to horoscope. Stones are chosen according to what they provide each zodiac sign with in different life situations. Beads size 10 mm. The bracelet is decorated with a very stylish detail with the symbols of the zodiac sign. Suitable for wrists from 16 to 20 cm.


Dates February 19/20 – March 20/21
Element Water
Planet Neptune
Number 7 (seven)
Day of the week Thursday
Colors Blue, purple, gray, red, burgundy, green, sea blue / green, pink.
Natural stone Amethyst, aquamarine, amazonite, citrine, tiger eye, rock crystal, pink quartz, fluorite, turquoise, labradorite, agate, onyx and others.
Personality Good imagination, sensitivity, compassion, understanding, nobility, selflessness, intuition, distraction, lack of will. They always say yes to the saying “Moving in the direction, where the life takes them”.